The Simple E-Learning Language (=: SELL) is an open standard for mathematical e-learning questions with the following objectives:

  • Simple syntax: No unneeded overhead. Defining a task/question should be similar to describe the task/question on a blackboard.
  • Expressive langage: Programs are short and concise such that the semantics can be grasp quickly. Irrelevant detail is avoided.
  • Reuse of established standards: It inherit AsciiMath for mathematical expressions and Markdown for text formatting.

Project maintainer: Andreas Schwenk / TH Köln.

Language Definition

SELL is domain-specific langague (DSL). Visit the official website for detailed information.

Hello, World!

The following example demonstrates a question in a mumie article written in SELL.

        a := { 1, 2, 3 }
        A, B in MM(3 x 3 | a )
        C := A - B
        input rows := resizable
        input cols := resizable
    Berechne $ A - B = #C $

rendered by MUMIE:

More Examples

You'll find a set of working examples (in German language) here.
The corresponding SELL-code can be found in Gitlab repository in directory /src/training/