Revisions of: MUMIE Moodle integration for administrators

 goltz 6 weeks ago admins can contact us, if they don't know their api key org shorthand [CURRENT]
 goltz 6 weeks ago admins should contact us with their ip address and server url f1ebba7
 goltz 6 weeks ago 15262 updated wiki to reflect mumie server migration from mod to auth ef73351
 goltz 6 weeks ago corrected installation order of plugins 15af743
 goltz 9 weeks ago improved description of mumie exercise 93d5f9b
 goltz 10 weeks ago 14938 Mumie Task property has been renamed to Mumie exercise 722db10
 goltz 2 months ago Added a few improvements c9be4fc
 greiser 2 months ago fixed headers 2c40f58