29 April 2024

Zooming in Visualizations with mouse wheel

Users can now zoom in and out in visualizations with the mouse wheel. The user can also drag the visible canvas with the mouse. If the author hides the toolbar (by providing the optional argument noToolbar in the \plot-command), zooming and dragging of the canvas is also disabled. The same holds for touch events on touch screens.

All new features listed below are now also supported in QuickPreview.

24 April 2024

Visualizations in question text and in explanation text

The new visualization environment \begin{visualization}{..} ... \end{visualization} can be used in question text.
Detailed information how to use it is here.
Unfortunately, the new visualization environment and also this feature is not yet supported in the QuickPreview, but only in the LemonCoursePreview. Availability in QuickPreview will come soon.

Visualizations and problems with randomquestionpool

Visualizations can now also fetch variables and pass answers to problems when you use randomquestionpools. You just have to use the number of the corresponding question in your tex-document.

20 March 2024

New visualization environment

There is a new visualization environment \begin{visualization}{..} ... \end{visualization} with simplified syntax for the definition of variables. It already works in the LemonCoursePreview of Webmiau, and will in a few weeks also be supported in QuickPreview.
The older environment \begin{genericJSXVisualization} ... \end{genericJSXVisualization} will work, but is deprecated.
Detailed information about the new environment is here.

18 March 2024

Added FAQ for content creation

We added some FAQ on creation of content. The list will be updated continuously.