A Worksheet is a document that holds one or multiple problems. It can only be referenced once in a course since students grades are connected to a worksheet. You can however let the student solve the same problem multiple times by creating a new worksheet that uses the same problem.


Worksheets can have parameters which can control the workflow in a specific course. The values will be read by the workflow handler which may differ depending on the course.

For example:
The OMB+ parameter ombplus_role specifies the workflow for training, quiz or final_exam. The system distinguishes which worksheets are used for practice only and which are necessary for obtaining the certificate.


Category Buttons Description
homework save, clear container for problems; editable until submission time, set by the lecturer in the configuration page of the corresponding course; tasks are corrected automatically the first time the page is called after submission time
prelearn save, clear same as homework, up to the icon
selftest save, clear, evaluation, new problem container for problems; each problem set can be saved multiple times; evaluation triggers correction of all problems in the container at once, it can be triggered only once for a given problem set; after evaluation a student may ask for a new set of problems
selfreflection save container for problems; questions that have been processed are flagged.
training save, clear, new problem container for problems; saving a problem triggers automatic correction; answers can be submitted many times; student may ask for a new problem at any time
game set level, continue, new game container for one single gaming problem; author can set the workflow, e.g. student must start with the first level and gets access to the next level only if he has reached a certain threshold of points


On the right hand side of the course editor it is possible to set a summary of a worksheet. Summaries will be displayed when the worksheet is not a wrapper and the student opens the worksheet node in the course.

Drag-and-drop a summary from the FileExplorer to the right side of course editor.