Question Sequence

A question sequence is a problem, that only shows one question to the student at a time. It always starts with the first question. For each question you can define follow-up questions. The corresponding follow-up question is then selected by its condition.

It currently is only possible to have one question sequence problem in a worksheet. Errors will occur if a user edits more than one question sequence problem in the same worksheet.


\followupQuestion[optional condition]{question number}

A problem becomes a question sequence, by the usage of the \followupQuestion command in the first question. The condition for a follow-up question is optional. You can use the same conditions as in our conditional explanations. If you define more than one follow-up question for a question, the order is taken into account for the evaluation. If the user answers a question, that doesn't have a follow-up question, the question sequence is over. A simple example in WebMiau

  \followupQuestion[NOT edited]{3}