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MUMIE Moodle integration

We have developed a set of moodle plugins that enables the integration of MUMIE content into the moodle course context.

If you are a teacher or admin on a moodle platform and want to know how to use those plugins, you might be interested in one of the following sub-articles:

What is MUMIE?

Explorative Math Learning

MUMIE is an e-learning platform for learning and teaching mathematics and computer science. It grew out of the needs of practical teaching at the interface between high-school and university. MUMIE is highly flexible and can be integrated with other learning and content management systems. Its courses and high quality course material is easily adjusted to any kind of pedagogical scenario. It has built in learning and training environments with wiki-like dedicated social networks for virtual tutorials and self-organized learning enhancing cognitive and meta-cognitive skills. Powerful authoring tools support the production of new content. This opens the door to new, challenging and more efficient pedagogical scenarios.

MUMIE platform and content is the result of a cooperative effort by leading universities in Europe supported by the company integral-learning.

For further information, please visit our website.

Key features of the MUMIE-Moodle integration

  • Use MUMIE Tasks in moodle

    Add any number of MUMIE Tasks to your moodle course with an easy to use form.

  • Get the latest content

    As soon as new content is available on a MUMIE server, you can immediately use it in your moodle courses. No updates are required!

  • Multiple languages

    Most content on MUMIE servers is available in multiple languages. You can change the language in which a MUMIE task is displayed for all students with the click of a button.

  • Automatic grade synchronization

    All MUMIE tasks are graded and their results are automatically added to the moodle gradebook.

  • Single sign on and automatic sign out

    Students don't need to create a new account or login to MUMIE servers. It's done for them automatically as soon as they start a MUMIE task. To secure their data, they are also automatically logged out of all MUMIE servers, when they log out of moodle.

How do I get access to MUMIE content?

You need to be a MUMIE partner to use our content on moodle. Please contact us over email for information.

What are MUMIE Tasks, MUMIE courses and MUMIE servers?

  • MUMIE Task

    A MUMIE Task represents a single graded exercise of a MUMIE course in Moodle.

  • MUMIE course

    A MUMIE course is similar to a course in a university. It is a collection of linked lectures, training questions and intermediate exams

  • MUMIE server

    A MUMIE server provides the environment, that is necessary to build and configure MUMIE courses, manage users and grade personalized exams. For organizational and legal reasons we maintain multiple MUMIE servers in several countries at the same time. The content available on MUMIE servers may differ from one to the other.