Class room

This feature is designed for courses that are used in multiple organizations, e.g when a course is used in different departments of a university or even used by different universities.

With this function, each organization can group students into class rooms and each class room can have different tutorial groups. The visibility of class rooms is restricted to members of the organization.

Role: Organization Coordinator

As organization coordinator one can:

  • Create new class rooms for his organization.
  • View and Manage all class rooms for the organization.
  • Create, view and manage tutorials in a class room.
  • View the results of the students in each tutorial related to the organization.
  • Move a tutorial member to another tutorial

This role can be assigned by an administrator. Please contact the Mumie administrator if you need an organization in a course or if you want to add new coordinator(s) to your organisation.

View all class rooms related to your organisation

Once you are logged in to the MUMIE server as a coordinator and go to a course, you will find a link to the class rooms.
class room

In OMB+ you will find the link if you click on the _Options_ button on the right hand side.

From here you can

  • add a new class room,
  • edit existing class rooms and
  • view the list of tutorials associated with the specific class room.

Add a new class room

Adding a new class room is done in the following steps:

  1. Click on the Add new class room button
  2. Specify a name for the class room
  3. Click the Submit button

add class room

Manage tutorials

If you follow the Tutorials link from the class room page, you will see a list of existing tutorials of the class room.
Similar to the class room list, here you have the option to edit existing tutorials or add a new one. You can also see the grades and go to the member list of the tutorials.


Role: Tutor

As a Tutor one can:

  1. View the list of all his tutorials
  2. See the result of the students in each of his tutorials
  3. Move a tutorial member to another tutorial within the same organization

This role can be assigned by an administrator, please contact your Mumie administrator to give a user the Tutor role.

Enrollment link

A student can enroll him- or herself to a tutorial. On the tutorial members page tutors and organisation coordinator can
see a link at the top that can be used for self-enrollment. You can copy it and send it to your students.


With that link they can enroll themself into the specific tutorial as far as they are already registered for the course.


Remark: the self-enrollment will only work for users with role Student. That is usually the default role when a user
creates a new account and registers for a course.