MUMIE Ilias integration for administrators

This article is meant for administrators of ILIAS servers, who want to enable the usage of MUMIE content on their platform.

Installation and configuration

You need to install two separate ILIAS plugins for the MUMIE-ILIAS integration to work (MumieTask and MumieTaskHook). Due to restrictions
from the ILIAS architecture, it's currently not possible to provide all necessary functionalities in a single plugin.

Step Description Example
1 Go to your ILIAS web root directory
2 Enter the following commands:

  • mkdir -p Customizing/global/plugins/Services/Repository/RepositoryObject/
  • cd Customizing/global/plugins/Services/Repository/RepositoryObject/
  • git clone MumieTask
  • mkdir -p ../../EventHandling/EventHook
  • cd ../../EventHandling/EventHook
  • git clone MumieTaskHook
3 Login as ILIAS administrator open the Administration menu and click on Plugins PluginAdministration
4 Open the Actions menu for MumieTask and click first on Install then on Activate

If there are no entries for MumieTask and MumieTaskHook visible, try reloading the page.
5 Repeat step #4 for MumieTaskHook
6 Open the Action menu for MumieTask again and click on Configure
7 Click on Privacy and choose what kind of user data should be transmitted to MUMIE servers. PrivacySettings
8 Click on Authentication and enter your API key and organization shorthand. Please don't change these settings autonomously!

If you don't know your API and organization keys, please get in touch with us.

Adding, editing and deleting MUMIE servers

Teachers can add new MUMIE servers themselves, but for security reasons, they cannot edit or delete them. If you want to do any of that, you need to follow these steps:

Step Description Example
1 Go to Administration and select Plugins Plugin Administration
2 Select if you want to add, edit or delete a MUMIE server by clicking on the respective buttons Server settings
3 When adding or editing a MUMIE server configuration, keep in mind that both Server name and MUMIE URL Prefix must be unique Server form

Important notice

Currently, grades for the MUMIE Tasks are only updated when their individual Learning Progress is viewed or a course containing them is opened. This means that we cannot guarantee that all grades are up-to-date, when they are accessed by other means than the one described above.


  • Can MUMIE Tasks still be used if the respective MUMIE server configuration has been deleted in the plugin settings?

    Yes! But no one will be able to make any changes to the following fields until a new configuration is added for the url prefix that was used to create the activity:

    • MUMIE server
    • MUMIE course
    • MUMIE exercise
    • Language
  • Why are not all grades up-to-date?

    Currently, grades for the MUMIE Tasks are only updated when their Learning Progress tab is clicked or a course containing them is opened.

  • Why are students are not automatically logged out of MUMIE servers, when they log out of Moodle?

    This is most likely because MUMIE Task Hook was not activated in the administraion settings.

  • MUMIE Task doesn't work with Safari. Is there anything I can do about that?

    Safari blocks all cookies set by iFrames. This means that MUMIE Tasks that are embedded into Ilias won't work with that browser. You can either configure MUMIE Tasks to open in new Tabs or ask your users to use another browser like Chrome or Firefox.