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MUMIE Ilias integration for teachers

This article is meant for teachers and instructors, who would like to use content from MUMIE courses (e.g. OMB+) in their own ILIAS course.
Please note, that the MUMIE integration only works, if the necessary plugins have been installed. In case they are missing, please get in touch with your ILIAS administrator.

How to add a new MUMIE Task in ILIAS

Step Description Example
1 Go to your course or repository and click on Add New Item Add New Item
2 If there is no MUMIE server configured, you will see a popup asking you to create one. Please enter a unique name and the URL of the server you want to add Add Mumie Server
3 Select first a MUMIE server, then a MUMIE course, a language and finally a MUMIE problem from the drop down menus.

Some MUMIE courses provide a filter functionality to help you navigate their vast selection of MUMIE problems. If available, filters will automatically be displayed in this form.
MumieTask form
4 Choose a Title for the MUMIE Task.
If no title was entered, the name of the MUMIE problem will be used
5 Choose whether the MUMIE Task should be embedded into moodle or opened in a new window by selecting the responding option in the Launch container field and click Save This is what an embedded MUMIE Task looks like in ILIAS:

6 Go to the Grades tab and select the minimal passing grade. All MumieTasks are automatically graded with a mark between 0 and 100.

Here, you are also able to switch off automatic grade synchronization for this MumieTask.

How to add a MUMIE server to Ilias

You can easily add a new MUMIE server when editing a MUMIE Task. Keep in mind that you cannot edit or delete already existing MUMIE servers. If you ever need to do that, please contact your administrator.

Step Description Example
1 Open a MumieTask, go to Settings and click on the button Add MUMIE Server add server tab in task form
2 Enter a name for the new server configuration and the URL and click Save addServerForm

Managing Availability

MUMIE Tasks provide the option to restrict the availability and visibility of the task to normal users (users with only reading permission e.g. students / course members / etc).

Step Description Example
1 Just open the MUMIE Task and go to Settings and select the Availability sub-tab. availability tab
2 Click on the Online checkbox to make the task visible and usable to all users with reading permission
3 You can additionally select a Limited Availability Period. Outside of this period users will not be able to access the MUMIE Task and only grades that were achieved within the selected time frame will be be taken into account for grade synchronization.
Please only use this from to change the Limited Availability Period. Otherwise some grades might not be properly synchronized.

If you have changed this option somewhere else by accident, you need to trigger a forced grade update. You can do this by either changing the Limited Availability Period form the MUMIE Task settings or clicking on the Force update button in the grade settings.
force grade update button

Important notice

Currently, grades for the MUMIE Tasks are only updated when their individual Learning Progress is viewed or a course containing them is opened. This means that we cannot guarantee that all grades are up-to-date, when they are accessed by other means than the one described above.

Properties of MUMIE Tasks explained

Property Description
Title Choose the displayed name for this activity
MUMIE Server Select which server configuration to use. Every server may offer different courses and MUMIE tasks
MUMIE course A course is a collection of linked lectures, training quizzes and exams about a specific field of study.
MUMIE problem A MUMIE problem represents a single graded exercise of a MUMIE course.
Language Most MUMIE content is available in multiple languages. Here you can set the language in which the MUMIE task should be displayed to the students
Launch container Select whether the task should be opened in a window within moodle or a new browser tab
Passing grade Choose the minimal passing grade for the activity
Grade synchronization MUMIE tasks are automatically graded by our system. If this features is active, Ilias will import those grades and adjust Learning Progress accordingly


  • Why are not all grades up-to-date?

    Currently, grades for the MUMIE Tasks are only updated when their Learning Progress tab is clicked or a course containing them is opened.

  • Why is there no Learning Progress tab in my MUMIE Task

    You have either switched off grade synchronization in the MUMIE Task's settings or your administrator has generally disabled the usage of Learning Progress in Ilias