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graph TD; A((WebMiau))-->C[Publish] C-->E[Automatisch Referenzen mitschicken ?] E-->G{Option für den User
ja/nein} G-->H[Ja] H-->J[Warnung an den User] J-->V[BE kompiliert alle notwendigen Dateien] V-->K[Alles hochladen] G--Default-->I[Nein] I--nur-->W[notwendige Dateien kompilieren] W--und-->L[ausgewählte Dateien hochladen] L--erfolgreich-->M[Fertig] L--failed-->N[section .meta.xml zusätzlich hochladen] A-->B[Preview] B-->F[Automatisch Referenzen mitschicken ?] F-->O[Nein] O--nur-->X[Datei kompilieren] X--und-->P[Datei hochladen] P--failed-->R[rekursiv alle Referenzen und alle Section-Dateien hochladen] P--erfolgreich-->Q[Fertig/Preview] Q-->AC[Media in einer alten Version] AC--Preview-Server
monatlich auf
persisierten Stand
zurück gesetzt,
Problem, da Media
erst bei Änderung
aktualisiert wird-->AE[kommt sehr selten vor] AE--Ändern ohne
Änderung-->AF[siehe: Media Dateien bearbeiten] A-->S[Media Dateien bearbeiten] S--sofort im Hintergund-->T[jede Änderung auf Preview-Server hochladen] classDef blue fill:#5555Cf,stroke:#333,stroke-width:2px,color:#FFF; classDef switch fill:#0AF,stroke:#333,stroke-width:2px; classDef red fill:#F00,stroke:#333,stroke-width:2px; classDef publish fill:#FFF,stroke:#333,stroke-width:1px; classDef preview fill:#DDD,stroke:#333,stroke-width:1px; classDef media fill:#FFF,stroke:#333,stroke-width:1px; classDef warning fill:#f96,stroke:#333,stroke-width:1px; class G switch class A blue class AC red class AE warning class C,E,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,V,W publish class B,F,O,X,P,Q,R preview class S,T,AA,AB,AF media

If you change a file in WebMiau, you will most likely want to apply the changes to a website, or a testserver. To do this in
WebMiau, you have to follow some steps which are listed below:

First of all you have to add the server to your profile.
You can do this by holding the courser on the head in the upper left corner. Click profile. Now click on the Globe.
There is a little plus in the lower left corner. Here you can add a profile Name and the URL of the server you would like to publish to.

When this is done you can publish your file.
Go to your file and click on the globe. Select the server you saved before und put in the password.

Before you click publish you can choose "With references". Be aware that this will publish ALL files and pictures that are referenced in your code, and all files and pictures that are referenced in these files and so on. This means that this could lead to publishing the WHOLE course, including files that someone else might have changed without your knowledge! We highly recommend to not use this option until you are entirely sure that you know what you are doing!