MUMIE Moodle integration for administrators

This article is meant for administrators of Moodle servers, who want to enable the usage of MUMIE content on their platform.


You need to install two separate Moodle plugins for the MUMIE-Moodle integration to work (mod_mumie and auth_mumie). Due to restrictions
from the Moodle architecture, it's currently not possible to provide all necessary functionalities in a single plugin.
You can install both plugins directly from the MOODLE Plugin Directory.

Step Description Example
1 Go to Site administration. siteAdministration
2 Select the Plugins tab and click on Install plugins. pluginTab
3 Click on Install plugins from the Moodle plugin directory and enter mumie into the search box.
Then select MUMIE Single Sign On, click on Install now and follow the displayed instructions.
4 Enter your API key, your organization key and select, whether additional user data should be shared with the MUMIE server.
Then click on Save changes

If you don't know your API and organization keys, please get in touch with us. You can always enter or change them by going to the plugin settings page.
5 Go to Site administration, select the Plugins tab and click on Manage authentication in the Authentication section. authenticationTab
6 Enable MUMIE Single Sign On by clicking on the eye icon. enableAuthPlugin
7 Return to plugin installer and install mod_mumie plugin Repeat steps 2 and 3 for MUMIE Task
8 Contact us via email and send us the URL of your Moodle server. You can also send us the IP address your server uses for outgoing HTTP requests to improve security further We need this information to configure our own servers

Enabling MUMIE Task creation with Drag and Drop

Teachers can create MUMIE Tasks in their MOODLE courses simply by dragging browser elements from MUMIE courses into MOODLE. But you need to enable an experimental MOODLE feature for that to work.

Just go to Site Administration->Development->Experimental Settings and activate Drag and drop upload of text/links.

When introduced several years ago, this feature was marked as experimental to ensure consistency in the UI because there is no general browser standard for the drag event. E.g.: It is not possible to drag elements between FireFox and Chrome.

Adding, editing and deleting MUMIE servers

Teachers can add new MUMIE servers themselves, but for security reasons, they cannot edit or delete them. If you want to do any of that, you need to follow these steps:

Step Description Example
1 Go to Site administration siteAdministration
2 Select the Plugins tab and click on Plugins overview pluginTabOverview
3 Search the table for the auth_mumie entry and click on Settings pluginOverviewTable
4 Select if you want to add, edit or delete a MUMIE server by clicking on the respective buttons modmumieSettings
5 When adding or editing a MUMIE server configuration, keep in mind that both Server name and MUMIE URL Prefix must be unique addServerForm

Important notice

Currently, grades for the MUMIE Tasks are only updated when they are displayed in the Moodle gradebook (e.g. the course's grader report is viewed or the student opens his own gradebook). This means that we cannot guarantee that all grades are up-to-date, when they are accessed by other means than the one described above.

Course Activity Reports

Every time a student opens a MumieTask (activity) a log entry is created. These logs can be accessed as usual through the Moodle 'Course reports'.


  • Can MUMIE Tasks still be used if the respective MUMIE server configuration has been deleted in the plugin settings?

    Yes! But no one will be able to make any changes to the following fields until a new configuration is added for the url prefix that was used to create the activity:

    • MUMIE server
    • MUMIE course
    • MUMIE exercise
    • Language
  • Are MUMIE servers saved during backup of Moodle courses?

    Whenever a backup is performed for a Moodle course containing a MUMIE Task, the MUMIE server, that has been used in that activity, is also saved in the backup file. When the MUMIE Task gets restored, the plugin will check if there are any other servers with the same name or url prefix. If none are found, the MUMIE server will be restored as well.

  • Why are not all grades up-to-date?

    Currently, grades for the MUMIE Tasks are only updated when they are displayed in the Moodle gradebook (e.g. the course's grader report is viewed or the student opens his own gradebook).

  • Why is the automatic completion status of a MUMIE Task not updated?

    The automatic completion status depends on the MUMIE Task's grade. Please read Why are not all grades up-to-date? for more information.

  • Why are students are not automatically logged out of MUMIE servers, when they log out of Moodle?

    This is most likely because MUMIE Single Sign On was not enabled in Site administration. Check installation steps 6+7 for reference.

  • I don't want teachers to be able to add new MUMIE servers. How can I disable the button in the MUMIE Task form?

    Just remove the capability mumie:addServer for teachers. The Add Server button will also disappear in the MUMIE Task form

  • MUMIE Task doesn't work with Safari. Is there anything I can do about that?

    This means that you probably need to update mod_mumie to at least version v1.3.4. Due to technical restrictions, embedded tasks don't work with Safari. We added a fix in v1.3.4 that opens the MUMIE Task in a tab instead of an iFrame for all Safari users.